Meet Lydia

Meet Lydia


My name is Lydia – but you can call me Cro

I am a 20-something small-town (and small-country) girl holding a Croatian passport, but currently living (read: having the time of her life) in Brazil. You may know Croatia as the home for Game of Thrones’ frenchise King’s Landing, by its famous beaches and many islands surrounded with turquoise sea or by its extremely rich history and architecture. Well, you heard right – Croatia is all that and so much more – you should definitely put it on your bucket list! 

My travelling spree started pretty early with my crazy-for-adventure family, but my solo travel era began after moving to Brazil and exploring the whole South American continent. To be honest, I have always been more of a culture and civilisation person (more then nature and solitude person), so, that’s why you are now reading ”Culturlust” and not ”Wanderlust” blog.

In 2015 I moved to Brasil to deepen both, my personal and professional experience and learn languages, and oh boy, it ended up to be the most exciting experience of my life so far. Since I am currently living  in megalithic Sao Paulo and 204-milion-people Brasil, I guess you can’t say I’m a small-town nor small country girl anymore, wink-wink! 

Currently studying on Ph.D Programme in International Relations, Brasil and starting to work as a field researcher for Unicef, I am definitely planning to travel some more (read: so much more) getting to know all the new indiginous peoples’ cultures and customs – entao, culturlust at its peak! ^^

You are welcome to join me – I’ll be glad to share it all with you!

Stay tuned!

With love,

Lydia Petrovic